Sound/ Acoustic Testing

Sound Testing / Acoustic Testing

All buildings must undertake an accoustic test prior to completion, as stipulated in Part E of the Building Regulations. 

What is an acoustic test?  

An acoustic test measures your property's airborne and impact sound insulation performance, to ensure it complies with Part E of the Building Regulations. 

An airborne test measures the resistance to the passage of airborne sound through a separating wall or floor, while an impact test measures the sound transmission of a separating floor in a test which simulates footfall. 

Do I need an accoustic test?

All properties must pass an acoustic test prior to completion. This includes extensions, flats and new build houses.  

Do I need to test all of my properties?

If you are building more than one property, you do not necessarily have to test all of them.  Regulations dictate you only have to test 1 in 10 of each construction type. 

What is involved? 

An acoustic assessor will visit your property to ensure it is compliant with Part E of Building Regulations. This includes:

  • Protection against sound from other parts of the building and adjoining buildings.
  • Protection against sound within a dwelling/house etc
  • Reverberation in the common internal parts of buildings containing flats or rooms for residential purposes
  • Acoustic Conditions in Schools 

In the happy event that your property meets the guidelines, you can inform your local planning office. 

If your building fails to meet the desired criteria, your assessor will advise on adjustments to be made to your property. You will then have to retest the property to ensure it meets compliance. 

How do I arrange a test?

Acoustic testing is carried out on-site, and is not a separate service that Elmhurst provides. However we will need an acoustic test in order for your property to meet compliance, and therefore advise clients to arrange an acoustic test at the earliest opportunity, before final completion of the property. We would be happy to advise you of reputable companies who conduct acoustic assessments. 

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