Study reveals top 10 tips to reduce carbon footprint – and most include your house!

Study reveals top 10 tips to reduce carbon footprint – and most include your house!

A study led by Dr Diana Ivanova from Leeds University has highlighted the top ten ways to for people to reduce their carbon footprints - and nearly half involve improving your house.

Current household emissions in the UK are around 10 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, which Dr Ivanova argues can be reduced by a staggering 9 tonnes by implementing the highlighted measures.

Top of the list is living car free at a saving of 2.04 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per person annually. This is obviously a very ambitious and, some might argue, unrealistic goal but further down the list came renewable energy at 1.6 tonnes, refurbishments/renovation at 0.895 tonnes, heat pumps at 0.795 tonnes and renewable based heating at 0.64 tonnes.

Top 10 options for reducing your carbon footprint

Source: Centre for Research into Energy Demand Solutions


Dr Diana Ivanova comments: “The top 10 options are available to us now, without the need for controversial and expensive new technologies.”

This is echoed by Libby Peake, from the Green Alliance think tank: “Better design allows people to buy fewer but higher-quality things and to live in buildings with lower carbon footprints. 

New buildings are already required to have a SAP calculation to assess whether they have achieved the target CO2 emission rate (TER) for that particular building type. If the dwelling emission rate (DER) does not meet the (TER) then the building will not gain compliance and cannot be built.

The team at Elmhurst Energy Consultancy regularly advise clients on how to achieve compliance with the regulations by modelling the impact of heat pumps, better insulation and boilers on the SAP score. Not only will this help the build achieve compliance but it will also result in lower fuel bills and fewer emissions.

Jacob Dimes, a Technical Energy Consutlant with the team, comments: “Improving your home has been proven to not only be beneficial for the environment but also for the occupants themselves. Elmhurst Energy Consultancy can provide expert advice on methods to improve new build houses so that they are can be more environmental friendly and more appealing to buyers”. 

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Article published 26th May 2020

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