Sustainability Audits for SMEs

Create a sustainability action plan to cut your company’s carbon and go green! No matter where you are on your journey to net zero, our sustainability audits are designed for every business to take action.


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Work with the experts

Elmhurst has an excellent reputation for working with Small and Medium sized enterprises to identify and deliver wide ranging carbon and cost savings that increase SMEs profitability.

What is involved?

First our team will perform an audit of your business premises. This will also include an SBEM assessment (a government approved methodology for producing compliance checks and Energy Performance Certificates).

This uses this as the baseline to compare the building being assessed with different energy improvement/ efficiency scenarios. Our team will then identify key areas to target to reduce your carbon emissions and create a suitable plan that is within your organisation’s budget. We recognise that access to finance can often be a barrier to SMEs, and can provide advice on how to access various sources of funding.

We can work with organisations including local authorities, universities, chambers of commerce and trade associations to support their schemes to help deliver bespoke energy audit programmes to local businesses

What is a Sustainability Audit?

A sustainability audit examines a company’s building/s, building services, transport and energy use and Green House Gas emissions, such as CO2. This covers scope 1 and 2 emissions (emissions that are owned or controlled by a company) with the option of including scope 3 (emissions that are a consequence of the activities of the company but occur from sources not owned or controlled by it).

The goal of every audit should be to understand your energy use within the buildings and identify potential opportunities to reduce your emissions. The next action is to set an emissions reduction plan and implement agreed measures and activities, continue to monitor your emissions and report your performances.

You can choose to either conduct an organisation’s footprint, which covers a company’s own operations, or a value chain footprint which covers all direct and indirect emissions.

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Why conduct a Sustainability Audit?

Cutting your company’s carbon emissions and using less energy will help you:

  • Save money on your energy bills
  • Enhance your corporate reputation
  • Access funding for energy efficiency improvements
  • Attract and retain customers and clients who increasingly take into account a business’s green credentials when deciding who to do business with.
  • Gain understanding of the contribution your business is making to climate change and how you can address it.

Many larger organisations are reviewing their relationships with other businesses, because they are having to account for their emissions as part of their own sustainability audits. Therefore SMEs that already have an action plan in place will be looked upon favourably when trying to win commercial contracts.


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