Testing & Evaluation

Testing and Evaluation

Whether you’re looking to measure the energy performance of buildings or verify the performance of products and evaluate novel methods of energy efficiency solutions, Elmhurst Energy Consultancy’s testing and evaluation service can provide the ideal solution.

All of our technical consultants are fully trained, qualified and accredited with the industry’s largest accreditation body for energy assessors in the UK, Elmhurst Energy, our sister company with whom we are closely linked. This allows us access to over 7,000 accredited energy assessors spanning existing dwellings, commercial buildings and new build properties, who are able to test and trial solutions at scale.

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Elmhurst Energy Consultancy has over 25 years’ experience providing high quality energy performance analyses for the built environment.

To find out more about Measured Energy Performance contact the team:

Email: consultancy@elmhurstenergy.co.uk

Tele: 01455 883 259

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