The importance of energy management for businesses

The importance of energy management for businesses

Businesses constantly scrutinise every part of their operations to cut costs and become more efficient. But one area that is frequently overlooked is companies’ energy use.

energy managementMany mistakenly associate energy management as what former Prime Minister David Cameron termed ‘green crap’. Where supposedly companies are forced to install a windmill, switch to a more expensive ‘green’ energy tariff and write meeting notes on the back of recycled napkins.

Unsurprisingly this bears no resemblance to the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS), which is a mandatory piece of legislation introduced by government and enforced by the Environment Agency, whereby all large companies must conduct an energy audit every four years (the deadline for Phase 2 is 5th December 2019).

The aim of the scheme is to help companies identify potential cost savings when it comes to their energy use. In fact official figures released by the Environment Agency show that ESOS is projected to save UK industry £250 million per year if businesses reduce their energy consumption by just 0.7 percent.

The Environment Agency has already started issuing civil penalty notices for companies who hoped to fly under the radar during ESOS Phase 1, and it has indicated that there will be no extra time given for those who miss the deadline.

In 2015 Elmhurst Energy Consultancy conducted ESOS audits for over 50 companies during phase 1, and achieved a 100 percent compliance rate. We identified  cost savings totalling hundreds of thousands of pounds for clients, demonstrating that ESOS is more than just a tick box exercise. It’s indispensable for businesses. And it certainly isn’t "green crap."

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Article published 13th February 

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