Things To Consider In Hiring An Energy Consultant

Things To Consider In Hiring An Energy Consultant

When constructing a residential or commercial property, seeking assistance from a professional energy consultant is a must. An energy consultant who works within construction projects will aim to ensure that design standards and construction quality meet the requirements of UK Building Regulations (which establishes the energy efficiency standards of new buildings). We have listed a number of advantages in hiring an energy consultant for building regulation compliance below.

To ensure consistent standards and quality a reputable energy consultant should be able to provide proof that they have licenses or certifications to carry out the relevant energy calculations. All approved/accredited energy consultants should have access to government approved software when producing SAP or SBEM calculations for  UK Building Regulations and Building Standards compliance.

Instead of just relying on promises, consider the number of years your prospective consultancy has been in the industry. Be sure to check or read through some testimonies and reviews to back up their statements with facts.

To ensure you receive maximum assistance from an outside resource, the consultancy firm you use should consist of a collection of individuals who are skilled to deliver a range of energy calculations services as well as site-based testing. Consultants with a well-rounded set of skills can become an invaluable extension to your organisation.

Upfront and customised services
Before hiring an energy consultant, clarify what services they provide. They should be able to adapt their efforts to your specific business needs and challenges giving a more strategic approach in driving short and long-term results.

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