Understanding the Step-by-Step Process of SAP Calculations

Understanding the Step-by-Step Process of SAP Calculations

SAP and SBEM calculations are required when producing Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for new build properties. These are to be submitted for prior to the commencement of work.  

A SAP calculation indicates a score from 1 to 100+ for the annual energy cost based on a structure’s elements, heating and hot water system, internal lighting and renewable technologies. With the SAP calculation, the higher the score, the lower the running costs. This means that if you get a rating of 100, your building has a zero energy cost. To help you understand the SAP calculation procedures, we have included an explanation below.

Stage 1 (Design, Draft Stage)
The fully dimensioned plans and drawings provided by the developer are assessed based on the specifications provided. From this, the thermal performance of the dwelling is calculated and the elements of heat loss are given a U-value ‘. Based on these calculations, the assessor will determine if the building will comply with Building Regulations.
Stage 2 (Design, Final Stage)
If the assessor finds the building as non-compliant, he or she will advise the client about the shortfalls and suggest alternative solutions. Once the solutions and final designs have been agreed upon with SAP compliance in place, a report will be submitted to Building Control along with a PEA (Predicted Energy Assessment).
Stage 3 (Built, Draft Stage)
After the construction of the property, air tightness testing will be carried out in all dwellings to determine any air leakage and heat loss. The assessor will amend the SAP calculations to reflect the results from this test and to ensure it still meets the regulations.
Stage 4 (Built, Final Stage)
In this stage, the SAP calculations are finalised and an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) is produced. After which, all documents and calculations are submitted to Building Control and the developer is informed. Once completed, the properties are now legally allowed to be sold or let in the market.
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