Welcome to Elmhurst Energy Consultancy

Welcome to Elmhurst Energy Consultancy

Elmhurst Energy Services has had a big makeover in preparation for its 25th year. We felt it was time for a fresh new look and also wanted a new brand name which better reflects the services that we offer to the built environment. Our work with energy calculations and services which relate back to building ‘energy’ efficiency led us to our new brand name, Elmhurst Energy Consultancy.

As Elmhurst Energy Consultancy we deal in all things energy related and work towards ensuring buildings are compliant with current regulations/standards and energy management schemes.

As you can see from our new website, we want to break down the complex nature of energy calculations, testing and auditing to ensure all of our clients (regardless of their knowledge of building/energy efficiency) understand the process and what we can do for them. We have also tried to simplify the regulations relevant to them when it comes to building or changing a new or existing property.

As subsidiary of the UK’s leading EPC accreditation scheme, Elmhurst Energy, we ensure that the consultancy work we undertake does not conflict with that of their members. We do this by passing any queries or work requests over to the existing Elmhurst Energy assessor. Amarpal Sihra who heads up the Elmhurst Energy Consultancy team adds “it is important that we are transparent and work with the Elmhurst Energy accreditation teams to ensure that Elmhurst assessors receive the work first and foremost. We do not operate in direct competition with Elmhurst assessors and actually help them to secure further work.”


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