What are GHG Emissions?

What are GHG Emissions?

Greenhouse gas emissions caused by the burning of fossil fuels create a thermal barrier in the earth’s atmosphere - preventing the sun’s rays from escaping. As a result, our planet’s climate becomes hotter, leading to environmental issues, such as forest fires, melting polar ice caps, and droughts.

But what are GHG emissions in relation to the energy sector - and what can enterprises working within the industry do to help reduce the damage wreaked upon our natural habitat?

ESOS Audits

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is an initiative launched and managed by the UK government. It is a mandatory assessment process designed to ensure large UK businesses and organisations are as energy-efficient as possible.

Is your business eligible?

Some 10,000 enterprises in the UK are required to submit assessments under ESOS. If you employ more than 250 staff and have a yearly turnover greater than £44m, you will need to look online for ESOS consultants with the expertise to help.

How can an ESOS consultancy benefit your business? It will help your business prepare an audit that demonstrates how you use your energy and locate ways to reduce that output - thereby complying with government guidelines,

Instead of focussing on ‘what are GHG emissions?’, your nominated energy consultant will look to save your business money by reducing its consumption levels.

Section 6, Scotland

Scottish Building Standards requires businesses to construct new commercial or domestic buildings to comply with energy efficiency targets. Therefore, such companies must use a range of tools and processes to keep their carbon emissions as low as possible.

This would involve hiring or employing an energy efficiency consultant who, amongst other things, would:

  1. Perform a series of SAP calculations to work out a Target Emission Rate (TER) to help ensure the property in question met Section 6 requirements - pre- and post-build.
  2. Run SBEM calculations - so that the nominated dwelling met Section 6 criteria by achieving a satisfactory Building Emission Rate identical to - or less than - its TER.

Part L Building Regulations

What are GHG emissions in Building Regulation terms? Part L applies to enterprises affiliated with the construction of new dwellings - domestic and commercial - within England.

Part L is, therefore, similar to Section 6, because it focuses on lowering carbon emission levels for new properties. However, its standards are also different to those defined with Scottish, Welsh, and Northern Ireland legislation.

What are GHG Emissions and how can Elmhurst Energy Consultancy help your business to reduce them?

Contact our knowledgeable team to find out how we can help you prepare for an ESOS audit and comply with building regulations in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Although there is a fee for the work we provide, this will be offset by the energy savings your business will enjoy.

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