What are SAP calculations?

What are SAP calculations?

Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) is the government’s standard methodology for calculating the energy performance of new build domestic dwellings. Using basic presumptions for occupancy and behaviour, SAP calculations evaluate energy performance of properties and are required by Building Regulations/Standards before commencing building work. 
A ‘full SAP’ EPC or Energy Performance Certificate is produced as a result of a SAP Assessment, which scores a property from 1 to 100 (also denoted as A to G) based on the property’s overall energy efficiency  . An EPC is required by law in order for you to lease or sell a new build residential property.
SAP calculations measure two elements:
  • DER or the Dwelling Emission Rate
  • DFEE or Dwelling Fabric Energy Efficiency
In addition, SAP calculations come in two formats:
  • L1A for new builds
  • L1B  for extensions and conversions

How are they done?

The process of your SAP calculation will be based on whether your project is a new build or an extension or conversion. Calculations are undertaken before any building work commences to ensure the plans and specifications of your development will achieve a pass right from the design stage. In addition, it is essential to consider your SAP score prior to completing your development for factors such as carbon output to be accurately predicted.
 For L1A SAP calculations, a second report will be required once the building has been completed, this is referred to as an ‘as-built’ SAP Calculation.. For L1B SAP calculations, the reports are divided into ‘notional’ and ‘proposed’.  

Why is it important?

Under Part L of Building Regulations (and regional equivalents), SAP assessments have been a legal requirement for all new-build domestic properties in the UK since 1995. In order for the project to be approved by Building Regulations, the dwelling in development must achieve a ‘Pass’ on these calculations. Passing the SAP calculations can involve numerous important decisions taken at design stage and, most importantly, the property will not be signed off by Building Control and may not legally be listed for rent or sale without an EPC.
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