What Is Energy Management Consultancy & How Can Your Organisation Benefit from It

What Is Energy Management Consultancy & How Can Your Organisation Benefit from It

Through energy management consultancy you can better understand your organisation and save energy within a building, whether it be your office or even your home.
Organisations across all industries are resorting to energy management in order to reduce their operating costs. Given that specific requirements and practices vary by industry, energy management consultancy is an ideal way to make sure your organisation is covering the core principles.

The scope of energy management consultancy

Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) calculations

If you’re working on a new building, then you are required to carry out an SAP calculation according to Building standards and regulations.
Although SAP calculations costs may differ, they still remain a pivotal part of the building and construction compliance process.

SBEM assessment

Through energy management consultancy you can ensure that your building uses the right measures for better conservation of fuel and power in accordance with Section 6 of Scottish Building Standards.

Compliance with the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

Large organisations can benefit from the ESOS scheme while cutting operational costs if they meet the required criteria. Energy management and ESOS consultancy help companies determine if they are eligible for this programme.
Eligible businesses are required to undergo ESOS audits every four years. ESOS consultants take into account the organisation’s building and industrial processes to establish the extent to which they meet the ESOS criteria. 

Part L compliance

Part L business regulations is another element under the umbrella of energy management consultancy. 
If your building is currently under construction, chances are you will need to comply with Part L of the building regulations to ensure that your building meets the standard for energy performance.

Housing energy modelling

Through the use of housing energy modelling, you can get access to an energy efficiency report for your building, highlighting areas of improvement, their cost and their potential impact.
This is particularly useful for landlords who want to identify properties that need improvement measures and retrofit. 

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