What You Should Expect From Your Energy Consultancy

What You Should Expect From Your Energy Consultancy

Most of the time, businesses choose the most affordable service when selecting an energy consultant or energy broker. Whilst this may be necessary to save your company consultancy fees, the quality of work done by the energy consultant should be highly considered as well. 
To determine whether you’re getting the most out of your chosen energy solutions firm, here are some of the things you should expect from them.

Ensures you comply with regulations
They must see to it that your business yields to legislation, regulations and standards such as ESOS, P272, ISO50001 and Display Energy Certificates. Adhering to industry rules should be your energy broker’s priority.

Helps the environment
The energy consultant should understand the implications of your business’ carbon footprint. Committing to reduce your energy consumption by implementing effective and efficient energy technologies can be a good contribution to the environment.

Give you a framework to manage energy bills
It is important that your energy broker gives you advice and provides you with an energy management framework that can help you control your company’s energy consumption whilst minimising the costs you incur. This way, you can introduce energy efficiency techniques in the workplace and influence a positive change in behaviour.

Elmhurst Energy Consultancy is an energy consultancy service that specialises in the building and energy compliance sector. Having a wealth of experience in the industry and a reputation for providing quick and instructive assessments, we help clients meet compliance with Building Regulations and Building Standards in a timely manner. For any queries, please contact us on 01455 883 259 or email us at consultancy@elmhurstenergy.co.uk.

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