Why are my bills so high?

Why are my bills so high?

One of the top news stories of the past few days has been about struggling energy companies and soaring bills for households as a result of a surge in wholesale gas prices.

 While the energy price cap protects consumers from a sudden increase in the amount they can be charged on a standard tariff, if the company they are with goes bust, they will automatically be switched to another provider- where they could face higher bills.

If this wasn’t enough, millions of households in England, Wales and Scotland are facing a 12% rise in their energy bills when a higher price cap comes into force in October.

“Why are my bills so high?” Might seem obvious given the above, but sometimes the answer can lie in our homes themselves.

You might be familiar with the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). It shows how energy efficient your home is on a scale of A-G – A being the most efficiency and G being the least. It also gives you an estimate estimated yearly energy cost for a property, based on what an average household would spend.

But here’s the catch… how a home is predicted to perform and how it actually performs are often quite different. In fact there is an average performance gap of 60% between a property’s predicted and actual thermal performance.

A building that underperforms can lead to increased fuel bills, higher carbon emissions, issues such as mould and damp and can cause or exacerbate fuel poverty.

What can be done?

There is a concerted effort to address the UK’s ‘leaky’ housing stock through retrofit programmes and energy efficiency schemes such as Energy Company Obligation (ECO).

Elmhurst Energy Consultancy was involved in the UK’s first Demonstration Action under ECO scheme with smart air brick technology provider AirEx. The study showed that Airex reduces whole house heat loss by 12% - 16% and reduces ground floor heat loss by 20% - 23%.

Our team were able to do this through non-invasive thermal testing of over 115 homes.

The product we have since developed, Measured Energy Performance, is able to accurately measure the thermal performance of a home and give the homeowner a better picture of how their home performs.

This is indispensable for measuring retrofit improvement work, achieving net zero targets and identifying areas for improvement in order to reduce energy bills.

Check how your home performs

If you’ve been left wondering why you’re so cold, why your home isn’t performing as promised or why your bills are so high, get in touch. A member of the team will be happy to talk through how you can improve the energy efficiency of your property/properties and how to identify the problem.


Article published 21/09/21

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