Why is it important to reduce carbon emissions from buildings?

Why is it important to reduce carbon emissions from buildings?

The development of legislation to tackle climate change means that reducing carbon emissions has never been more important. From electric vehicles to greener business practices and even in our homes, the search for eco-friendly solutions is on the rise.

As well as being cheaper for occupants to run, the need for energy assessments on buildings means that potential buyers are more aware than ever of the energy performance of their home. This can therefore increase the value of a more energy efficient property.

The UK government, along with the powers in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, recognise the need for a reduction in carbon emissions and see greener, more efficient homes as a sure fire way of kerbing the UK’s production of greenhouse gasses. This came after the governments ‘Every Home Counts’ review.

Ultimately, a reduction in carbon emissions is necessary in order to comply with current legislation. In Scotland the Scottish building standards require all new buildings to comply with the Section 6 policy on energy efficiency. In England, this is known as Part L building regulations, entitled ‘conservation of fuel and power’. These standards cover new buildings. When retrofitting an old building with new, energy efficient technology there are different standards for the quality of the work to be achieved, such as PAS 2035.

To make sure that your buildings comply with these regulations it is imperative to seek advice from a qualified energy consultant. They may advise carrying out a SAP assessment or ESOS audit, depending on the building type and whether it is a business or domestic premises.

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