Why it's worth hiring an expert energy consultant for your business

Why it's worth hiring an expert energy consultant for your business

When running your business, it's easy to forget about the energy management aspect of it. So, when push comes to shove and you have to manage your energy sources and intake, it understandably can feel a little overwhelming. But this isn't the only reason why hiring an energy consultant for your business is a worthy investment.

They make navigating regulations a breeze

Whether you're a fresh start-up or a seasoned business owner, this doesn't mean that you're a qualified energy expert. There are regulations that you must follow, such as ESOS Phase 2 and Building Regulations Standards / Compliance, depending on where your business is located. Hiring an energy consultant ensures that you meet these regulations, and better understand what your business needs to do in order to ensure continuous compliance.

If you are constructing a commercial property, adding an extension or converting a property, then it is likely that you will need to carry out a SBEM calculation in order to meet the required criteria laid out by Building Control.

They can make your new build more sustainable

Elmhurst Consultancy specialises in the new-build market. So whether you're an architect, a building company, or a company owner getting involved in the erection of a new warehouse or office space, hiring an energy consultant can ensure that the building is at an optimal point of sustainability. This is a big factor with modern buildings thanks to a shifted focus on helping to protect the environment. As well as the initial calculations, energy consultants can also provide your company with preparation for future ESOS audits and compiling an SECR report, as well as any other projects.

So get in touch with Elmhurst Consultancy today

Whatever your energy efficiency or building project requirements, Elmhurst Consultancy is the right team of energy experts to ensure that you meet all regulations and other lawful and environmental obligations. We offer ESOS work in a 60-mile radius around Lutterworth, but as all of our other services are desk-based, they can be delivered across the country; so no matter where your build is taking place, Elmhurst Consultancy is the right team for the job!

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