Why Product Modelling is the secret weapon for achieving compliance with the new Building Regulations

Why Product Modelling is the secret weapon for achieving compliance with the new Building Regulations

June 2022 may seem like a far date away in your diary but not if you have less than 12 months to overhaul your products and houses. Why? Because on this date Part L of the Building Regulations are going to get a radical overhaul, meaning that buildings that met compliance before might not do so in the future.

The same principal applies for products installed in houses such as boilers and heat pumps etc. as their influence on a property’s SAP score will also be affected.

What is changing?

Homes built in 2025 will have 75-80% lower carbon emissions than houses built to current standards (with interim measures being introduced in 2022).

Homes build to the interim standard should produce 31% less carbon dioxide emissions compared to current levels

So what can you do?  

We would advise checking your products or housing stock against the new proposed Building Regulations as soon as possible. This will allow you to find out how your properties’ SAP score will be affected/ your products influence on properties’ SAP score, and any necessary changes.

How can Product Modelling help?

Product Modelling checks your product/building specifications for compliance against SAP. Our energy consultants have access to one of the only software tools on the market that can check how your products will perform against the proposed new Part L of the Building Regulations in 2022.

You'll be able to:

  • Find out how you products perform against current and future regulations
  • Identify potential improvements.
  • Compare your products against your competitors’.
  • Model your products in 8 different property archetypes.

We can also demonstrate the energy performance of your products in homes built to future Building Regulations, which you can include in your company's marketing and PR activities to help win more business.

Want to find out more?

Get in touch with team to find out how you can use Product Modelling to ensure your products or buildings will still meet compliance with the future Building Regulations.

Article published 07/07/21

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