How saving money could cost you more in the long run

How saving money could cost you more in the long run

A few weeks ago we had a client who wanted a Design stage Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). As a job, it was relatively straightforward; there were no major issues and the building met compliance. Perfect! Or so we thought...

Fast forward a couple of weeks later: the client had finished construction of their house and now required an As Built EPC in order to get sign off from Building Control. This part of the process involved one of our energy consultants going through the building plans and construction details to check if anything had changed since Design Stage and, unfortunately, they had. In fact, the building no longer met compliance. Why? Because the client had decided to save money by installing a cheaper boiler. 

There's nothing wrong with wanting to save money, but this slight alteration meant they might have to replace the boiler or install other energy efficiency measures, such as insulation, in order to meet the Target Emission Rate (TER) for the dwelling. Both would have been costly and almost certainly wipe out any savings gained from switching the boiler in the first place. But there was a third option... 

Our team prides itself on going beyond the 'tick box' service that tells you whether your building has met compliance or not. Instead we work with you to select appropriate energy saving measures that satisfy both your own objectives and building regulations/ standards. Where a building is showing that it will not meet compliance, our team are able to go beyond the often restrictive default values of the materials used, in order to model bespoke solutions that require no material changes to the property or further spend. In this case, one of our team used their knowledge of thermal bridging to model the different junctions of the property instead of using the default inputs, resulting in the client gaining compliance. 

So remember, it's always best to speak with your energy consultant before making changes between Design and As Built stage, otherwise it could end up costing you more in the long run. 

You can find out more about our SAP and SBEM service by navigating to the web pages or contacting the team, who will be happy to talk you through the process. 

Article published 4th September

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